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Welcome to the Nightshades Guild Portal.


You must have HM or be within 5 lvls of obtaining HM. We are not a guild for people just trying the game out. The member list is scrubbed on a regular basis and inactive members are wiped off. NM characters will be rejected unless they are 35+. We want an active guild not one that dies every few days. You must be able to post a screenshot of your characters STATS window to show your HM, UM (or NM 35+)   -Thank you   -- Kreize

Joining the guild site is not an option, it is mandatory! Its how we keep you up to date, I nor my officers will Announce in GC 5 times a day for 10 days just to catch everyone.

We are RECRUITING HM+ (or within 5 lvls of HM) of all levels and Classes

Please read before considering joining our guild.

-All members must be active members, we do a regular monthly clean up. If your going to be inactive please message me on here or in game, or an officer, to let us know so your not cleaned off the list.

-Members are expected to actively participate in events when you can. Active members participate and can be considered when ranking votes are done. This includes GRB. Real life is obviously more important but if your online during event I would like to see everyone there please.

-Keep drama and bickering to a minimum, we do not need the guild chat filled with pointless arguing, it brings us all down.

-DO NOT BEG, for plvling, money, equipment, etc. ASking for help is one thing, begging constantly will get you kicked.

- You guys know I don't tolerate outside people insulting you guys, my officers, myself or my guild. But I will not tolerate it from within the guild either. Everybodys should show a level of respect to everyone.

- In guild chat keep CAPS to a minimum. Thanks

-Please help us get etin. If you get repeat quest drops you can hand them over to any officer. You don't have top farm, unless you want to :P, but if you get those items please pass them to us, we want a GH for everyone and it costs 2k etin per week. Info on Etin items are in the info section on the left.

What you will see in this guild.

- We will run contests, events, and games every now and then
- We will have dungeon parties at times for guildies only
- We actively participate in GRB
- Some of us are active in PvP
- More to come.

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Guild News

Our first GRB, june 26th 2010

..Kreize.., Jun 26, 10 4:06 PM.
Ok so we gave it a shot. and I completely botched this GRB. I want to apologize to the whole guild for that. I tried to take a boss alone and it was a stupid move.

Im not sure if we got a rank at all yet, we made just over 1000 pts. If we did ill probably soil myself.

Thanks to everyone who gave it their best shot, soulshlaher, Synn666, Ahriaa, and their alts. Im sorry I let you guys down :(


..Kreize.., Jun 20, 10 6:09 PM.
If you look in the info panel on the left youll see my post about oracle builds. I pulled this from the last guild I was in, please create an information package for your class, or pull it from a site, but make sure its good info PLEASE.


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